Younghoe Koo gets Jeep stolen, asks thief to return his cleats


Falcons kicker Younghoe Koo had his truck stolen, but he’s more concerned about something that was in it: His cleats.

When you kick footballs for a living, it’s important that you have shoes that feel perfect on your feet while you’re doing it, and Koo had those shoes in his truck when it was stolen. He went to Instagram to appeal to get his shoes back.

“MFs stole my Jeep smh,” Koo wrote on an Instagram post showing his empty parking lot where his truck used to be. “Can you just bring my cleats back though? I won’t even be mad bro just bring all my cleats back so I can go kick.”

Koo wrote that it’s a black Grand Cherokee with license plate RZA4953. There has been no word so far of anyone finding the Jeep, or the cleats.